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coin info newsCoin Info News is a new and fast growing platform for Crypto enthusiasts, where you can find the latest news about Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. Founded by a team of economists and crypto enthusiasts from a multicultural background who decided to turn their passion for crypto into a helpful resource for other people, the project is growing fast alongside with new additions to their team. Crypto orders has decided to offer a deeper insight into this project by talking Christian T, one of the founders of Coin Info News.



Cristian Tuns



How did you get the idea to start this project?

Christian T.: The story of this project is similar to the teachings of Steve Jobs about “connecting the dots”. Back in 2009, I created an advertising platform for companies to promote their services online. Users had access to information organized by cities and industries, where they could find all the relevant details about producers, traders, distributors, and so on. One thing leads to another, and in 2011, I opened a software company, focused on producing browser games. In the first month after launching our first game, we got over 20 000 players from over 50 countries. In the present, we have 3 browser games, with over 600 000 active users from 80 countries. Soon after that, rumors about Bitcoin reached my ears, and I started documenting it more, but I didn’t had the time and courage to invest in crypto, until 2 years ago, a friend of mine told me that he is a crypto investor, and I immediately understood that the time for standing aside was over. In 2016 I made my first investments in Crypto, and since then, I am a big Crypto enthusiast, present in all the relevant private Telegram, Discord and Slack groups. It didn’t take long until I met like-minded fellows, with the same goals and mindset as mine, and we started investing together in ICOs. After a while, I realized that an ICO doesn’t need only funds to be successful, but also good advertising. I’ve seen many solid projects and great ideas that were unsuccessful because nobody knew about them, and there was no hype. And I’ve seen many weak projects that were successful because they had a really good advertising. One thing leads to another, and the idea of a platform to promote ICOs and projects, events, new listings on exchanges and innovative projects was born.



How did you managed to assemble a multicultural team?

Christian T.: The more I learned about Crypto, the more my group of friends grew with more and more crypto enthusiasts. We started to debate about whether a project could moon or not, and after a while, a smaller group of friends was formed, from all over the world. During our online research about new projects, we found lots of things that were missing, and we felt that we could fill that gap. But, from talking to doing is a long road, and not all that were passionate about debating these issues actually had the time and skills to write about them. Most of us have really busy lives, we are economists and we have business, families and so on, so I understand them. However, after long talks and debates, a few of our group decided to take part into this project. For example, Itsuki is from Asia, Igor is from Russia and I am from Romania, and we are currently growing our team with more collaborators from Western Europe and Middle East. In spite of our cultural differences, we have the same core-values, and we want the same things from life, and I can say that we met thanks to Crypto. Sometimes, we have long debates because we have different views on certain matters, but they help us grow and understand different perspectives. We also have influencers in our team, and we are constantly looking for new partners to join our team.


How do you plan on developing the platform in the future?

We plan on bringing professional writers in our team, so we can bring a better quality to our articles. We want to improve the look of our website, and make it even more user-friendly. We plan to send our team members to different crypto events and document them as they are happening. Because we know what was missing and what we needed, we plan on filling that gap and bring relevant and useful information and give something back to the crypto community.


We are happy to see that our readers return to our website, and that important publications started quoting our articles. We are very excited about all this and we make partnerships with serious publications, such as Crypto Orders.


Coin Info News – latest news about Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

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