Interview with Ciprian Popa, CEO and Co-Founder of Oryx Ecosystem


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1. What is the Oryx ecosystem and what is the vision behind it?

The Oryx ecosystem is a multifaceted platform that harmonizes technology with investing and banking in a way that creates real value for all of the members of the Oryxian community. Technology is at the heart of Oryx’s ecosystem. We use a third generation blockchain called Nihilo, that we developed entirely in-house. This blockchain powers all of the different platform in the Oryx ecosystem.

Oryx has a blockchain-powered venture capital fund that invests in startups and nascent companies that use technology as a business enabler or differentiator.  Our digital asset is called OryxCash (ICO started on August 20th). Members subscribe to OryxCash, and this subscription powers investment into the VC fund.

In the Oryx ecosystem, there are three banks, which are in different stages of formation in the jurisdictions of Puerto Rico, Uruguay, and Peru respectively. These fully licensed commercial banks will serve as value enhancers for the ecosystem by providing Oryxian members the banking platform they need to monetize their digital asset holdings held in their OryxPay e-wallet. OryxPay is our Mastercard-powered payment platform, which we believe is a game-changer for the crypto investment community. I noticed that a lot of entities that try to monetize wallet holdings into fiat currency fail. We wanted to create a payment platform that actually works in the real world.

In addition, there are five other utility platforms where the utility value of our digital asset, OryxCoin is enhanced. These utility platforms include a lotto and auction platform, a platform that monetizes social media accounts, a funding platform for movies and entertainment programs, and an e-casino platform. OryxCoin, which is publicly traded, also gives community members a chance to earn additional income through staking and masternodes. OryxCoin will also be used to pay dividends to OryxCash holders.

The ecosystem aims to have an integrated platform that will enhance the value of its stakeholders and generate income for the Oryxian community.



2. What are the products powering Oryx?

Two digital assets power the Oryxian ecosystem: OryxCash and OryxCoin. Both digital assets run on our in-house developed blockchain—Nihilo.OryxCash is the asset-backed digital asset that is the core of our product. OryxCoin is our utility coin.


 3. What can you tell us about OryxCash?

OryxCash is the asset-backed digital asset of Oryx. The most important thing to note is that subscriptions to OryxCash lead to the creation of the venture capital fund that is central to the platform’s operations. The fund invests capital into startups and companies in their early stage of development. These companies all use technology as an enabler, enhancer, and differentiator.


4. How will OryxCash help the startup companies in the long run?

OryxCash creates the venture capital fund, and this fund invests into technology-powered startup companies. OryxCash is an ongoing ICO. In the current round, we will be raising and deploying $45 Million USD. Later on, we will issue more OryxCash for subscription when the need for more investments arises. Thus, we will create an on tap fundraising source for startups. Oryx provides funding as quasi-equity, so it also acts as a long-term partner to investee companies. This will make Oryx the ideal funding platform for many startup companies.


5. What is OryxCoin?

OryxCoin is the utility coin of the Oryx ecosystem. OryxCoin is on a public blockchain and is mineable. Currently, OryxCoin is listed on three popular cryptocurrency exchanges and i available to trade on those exchanges. A few more exchanges are already working on making OryxCoin available to trader.

OryxCoin is paid to the holders of OryxCash as dividends upon gains in the valuation of the venture capital fund portfolio. OryxCoin also provides holders with the opportunity for additional income through staking and masternodes. The total supply of of OryxCoin is 21 million. 8.5 million coins have already been mined.

OryxCoin has enhanced utility because we have developed five platforms for the Oryxian community that will allow them buy products and services in exchange for their OryxCoin holdings.


6. What are the future plans in developing this promising project?

The project will work towards improving ideation, innovation, and entrepreneurship. We are already in talks with a variety of incubators and accelerators. We plan to develop a program along the lines of Shark Tank. Thus, entrepreneurs will have a platform where they can present their business ideas to the Oryxian community for a chance to receive funding.

We are also working on establishing a training and development institution in India. The institution will train developers, coders, and consultants who will then be used for the consulting arm of Oryx. They will help implement and execute the blockchain for projects in both the private and public sector.

We are also exploring further opportunities to bring different cryptocurrencies into the Oryx’s payment platform. That way their holders will be able to monetize their holdings using the MasterCard payment gateway.


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