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Altpocket is a social cryptocurrency tracker that lets you monitor all your investments, follow reputable traders, and discuss crypto with an ardent community. What we like about Altpocket is that it solves a genuine problem.


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1. How is Altpocket different than other cryptocurrency tracking tools?

Altpocket brings to the table a blend of the typical social elements (friends, followers, likes etc.) with some twists, for example having a completely public post feed visible to all users, friends or not, with seperate feeds for followers. Throw in some dedicated elements dedicated to cryptocurrency and you have a platform like no other.

2. How does Altpocket help people keep track of their crypto investments?

Altpocket attatches itself to the most popular exchanges allowing for deep and accurate tracking of users holdings and transactional history in one place, with the ability to also add your holdings manually, should you prefer not to use an API.

3. What gave you the idea to start Altpocket?

Altpocket was born in 2017 when one of our Founders, Edwin, was trading cryptocurrency but found it difficult to keep track of. Finding no solution on the market, he decided to create his own for personal use. Word spread quickly among his friends and it was then later released to the public, the rest is history.

4. What problem in the crypto space does Altpocket solve?

Altpocket solves a huge problem that every trader – casual or seasoned pro – will have encountered. How do I easily keep track of my investments? This is a problem multiplied when your assets are spread out across multiple exchanges or wallets by enabling you to either import or add each asset into one place so you can accurately track your investments.

5. What new features are you currently working? Can we expect any major changes down the line?

Currently, our biggest priorities are streamlining the main website’s design and optimizing our tracking system, we are also hard at work on bringing a mobile application to market on iOS and Android.

6. Why do you think so many other cryptocurrency tools fail?

It’s almost a gaurantee – in a space as violatle as cryptocurrency change and adaptation is to be expected to meet the needs of the people who use it. Expect UI changes and funtionality, more exchanges to import from, statistical data, and other features such as our premium model.

7. Why did you want to create a tracking tool that also performed a social media role?

Altpocket has taken a rather unique approach to this problem compared to competitors: By combining the power of a user run community with asset tracking. Maybe you want to see what other people are currently talking about in the market, or you want to check out some ICO’s launching soon, or maybe compare your profile to your friends or professional traders. No other tool lets you do this while also tracking your assets. Altpocket empowers people to engage with others.

The cryptocurrency space moves very fast, and people want to talk about it! By providing a dedicated platform that users can discuss their thoughts, ideas or predictions we allow their creativity and thoughts to flow from their keyboard to the internet where anyone can engage with them, or follow their profile and copy their trades, it’s the perfect blend of social and asset management.

8. To the people interested in using Altpocket, what is the most important thing they need to know?

I’ll summarize our top 3 questions: Yes, we do support Binance! Yes, we have a mobile application coming! And no, your profile does not have to be public.

9. Besides Altpocket, what other experience in the cryptocurrency space do you have. What experienced contributed to the development of Altpocket?

Besides Altpocket, each and every person involved in it’s creation and development has a genuine passion and interest in the blockchain technology and the products, tokens and applications surrounding it. We are all traders our selves and like our users, talk about what’s happening on the day to day, meaning that we have the best intentions in mind not only for us but our community, too.


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