Interview with Roman Morozov, CEO of FairWin

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Q1: Tell us a little about yourself, how did you get into this business?

A1: FairWin is a team of skilled developers, artists and designers that makes gambling games and a game platform on the Ethereum blockchain. For about ten years we have been developing custom-made games for online casinos and dreamt of making games with our own graphics and plots. About two years ago we became seriously interested in the blockchain technology for gambling. After estimating the possibilities of this technology, we thought about the creation of a fair game platform and games on blockchain. Half a year back we finally set to work. So the FairWin project was born.


Q2: What was the original idea behind the project?

When we started developing our platform, there were some working casinos on blockchain. We carefully studied the technologies and solutions offered by them. Despite the considerable number of projects, casinos on blockchain are still not capable to supersede the usual online casinos because of the low speed of transactions. The existing technologies have not solved this problem. Therefore, we have worked out the FairChannel technology, the data transfer channel where all game turns are made. As a result, only two transactions take place in the blockchain – the deposition and withdrawal of funds, which accelerates game process considerably. Thanks to this technology, our platform supports the bright casual games habitual for modern players.


Q3. What makes this project innovative and special? How it will affect the average user?

Our project is not so much for the crypto community, as for the usual players of online casinos. Therefore, we pay a lot of attention to the quality of our games, graphics, plots and effects. Our purpose is for the players to take pleasure in the game process.

All games on the FairWin platform will utilize the FWIN tokens. In the future, it will create the possibility to integrate the games into one system and give the players the opportunity to exchange, for example, their game achievements.

The blockchain technology which we use in the platform is capable to make game process fair and safer for players.


Q4. There is a precipitation that most ICOs are going to fail in the long term. What is your opinion about this?

Practice shows that the ICO procedure as a whole does not take into account long-term prospects. If a project’s purpose is simply to launch an ICO, there is a high possibility that this startup will really fail in the future. Our company is interested first of all in creating a working game platform and games that people would come to like.


Q5. Would this project be still possible without the use of the blockchain technology and why?

We do not see our platform without blockchain, because the future of the gambling industry belongs to this technology. Right before our eyes there is a revolution in the world of information and crypto technologies which is taking many spheres of the modern society to an essentially new level of development. Therefore the FairWin company cannot separate its activity from from the blockchain technology.


Q6. If you could fully co-operate with another ICO project, which one would it be and why?

At the moment there is no sense in it. None of the ICOs offers a technology which would suit us. At the very beginning of our path we took our cue from FunFair, but already now our idea and technological solution differ strongly from theirs.


Q7. Right now, are you exploiting the full potential of your token’s utility?

Right now, no. But already after the release of first our game, “Yggdrasil”, the token will start to work.


Q8. What will be the benefits for long-term token holders?

When we publish more games to play with the FWIN tokens, the demand for them and the price will grow.


Q9. Tell us about your future plans. What to expect from the project?

We plan to release 12 games by the end of 2019. We do not limit ourselves to slots, so we will make a roulette game, poker and, probably, other card games. At first, they will be accessible in the test Ethereum network and after the system is debugged we will launch it with the real tokens. Finishing the development of FairChannel is planned for 2019. Our immediate purpose consists in attracting as many players as possible to the game platform, receiving feedback and expert reviews on the project and improving the system. We also plan to co-operate with online casinos in the future.


Q10. Finally, what is the message you want to communicate to the world and your supporters?

Make gaming fair again 🙂


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