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Q: Tell us a little about yourself, how did you get into this business?

A:  as an ex Goldman Sachs Investment banker turned crypto enthusiast I am often questioned about the wisdom of my choice – i.e. embracing blockchain tech and ignoring traditional financial service providers.

However I firmly believe not just in Blockchain as a theoretical experiment, but also in the community and variety of projects which have leveraged it in so many exciting ways.

Every day I am impressed by innovative ideas and solutions which could become huge businesses, as they are at the vanguard of this rapidly expanding market sector.

I could not go back to daily life working in financial or banking sectors, if would simply be 100x slower and incredibly boring compared to the buzz and energy of crypto. We are really building something great over here and I truly believe in it.


Q: What was the original idea behind the project?

A: Investa was born from the need that most crypto investors have, to access innovative and well managed financial services which have been specifically developed for them.  Most crypto is traded on exchanges or invested in ICOs, but very little is actually put to good use within a fund, pool, asset managed portfolio, loan book, or other services designed to increase the value of the assets.


Q: What makes this project innovative and special? How it will affect the average user?

A:  We are creating a suite of complimentary services, which work together for the average user to do more with their crypto than simple exchanging and transferring. We have followed the model of the popular virtual bank – Revolut – which has taken the prepaid card industry by storm and signed up over 2 million customers in just 3 years.

The innovation is in using blockchain (specifically Etherum Smart contracts) to make all this work together seamlessly and effortlessly. The Average user will be able to buy INV and then use that to invest in other ICOs at presale discounts, load up a prepaid debit card, lend funds to promising startups and convert into cash at our network of crypto ATMs


Q: There is a precipitation that most ICOs are going to fail in the long term. What is your opinion about this?

A: Ha, that makes me smile, because I am an ex investment banker who has ‘seen the light’ Blockchain is equally useful to email or lithium batteries, so it will not simply ‘fail’ or disappear. It can be used in millions of different applications, to improve exisiting processes or enable completely new solutions to be developed. Sure some ICOs will make a mess of it, but overall most of these projects are doing something innovative in a completely new market space, which will come to be adopted by the mainstream. We are simply leading the vanguard and just as happened with the dotcom boom, there will be some losers, but overall society will embrace these new technologies and the companies that produce them in the long term.



Q. Would this project be still possible without the use of the blockchain technology and why?

A:  Ok in theory it could be built at enormous cost, but it would be much harder to achieve all of these things without blockchain. The effort to reward ratio would simply be too high and the business would not be sustainable. But with smart contracts for example I can programmatically move funds based on event triggers, with no counterparty trust or human oversight required. This is something new and exciting!


Q: If you could fully cooperate with another ICO project, which one would it be and why?

A:  Ethereum for their advanced smart contracts architecture, belugapay for their latin America focus which is also a market we want to serve with our crypto ATMs – especially countires with currency controls where locals are unable to withdraw FIAT from regular ATM – such as in Venezuela.


Q: Right now, are you exploiting the full potential of your token’s utility?

A: no, we have just started to explore the possibilities of smart contracts and blockchain tokens.



Q: What will be the benefits for long-term token holders?

A: We expect to generate significant demand from users in multiple markets, such as crypto community, unbanked mobile app users, latin american community, European investors etc. We will have positive newsflow and rapid application development schedule to deliver value and innovation to our users. All these things will drive the token price, along with growing our team into a global organization.


Q: How do you plan to fight against phishing and scamming attempts concerning your token?

A:  We have implemented highest level of security features to the token sale process, such as 2FA login,


Q: Tell us about your future plans. What to expect from the project?

A:  We want to complete the ICO to raise the funds to support our development roadmap and scaling into the markets we have identified.  We expect to be very successful in all our activities, leading to positive momentum and exponential growth.


Q: Finally, what is the message you want to communicate to the world and your supporters?

A:  Our PreICO is limited in allocation during the first phases with maximum discounts, so the message to our community is don’t miss out on your chance to maximize your investment value. Register early for the whitelist before it closes and make sure you are ready on day 1 of the presale period to secure your token allocation before they are all gone. Supplies are limited and there will be more demand than we can supply.


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