Oryx Prive LLC has merged with Est Capital AG

We are pleased to announce Est Growmore Agente de Valores S.A. has taken over Oryx Prive Investments LLC giving the venture capital tokenized platform a fully regulated structure for their investors (holding their OryxCash VC coin).

Est Growmore Agente de Valores S.A. recently created JV operations with Duran & Perera Sociedad De Bolsa S.A. D & P is an active insititution at the stock exchange of Montevideo, registered and falling under the regulation of both the Stock Exchange and the Central Bank of Uruguay. Some of the services provided by Est Growmore and D&P include – Trading Of Securities, Underwriting In Securities Issuance, Purchase And Sale Of Securities, Advice On Securities Trading And Issuance.

(Other services include Advice And Management Of Heritage Funds, Advice On Investment Activities, Bond Underwriting And Issuance, Escrow Agreements, Acquisition Of Private Negotiable Obligations, Management Of Portfolio Investments, Investment Accounts or Transaction Accounts, Placement Activity With Different Banks, Advise Clients About The Business Prospects.)

Oryx Prive Investment LLC—A Dubai based financial and asset management initiated this highly scalable venture capital token platform (and has recently completed their initial coin offering successfully).

Oryx has developed a full fledged platform for the Venture Capital firms. The idea allowed VCs to  tokenize their fundraising and investor management process using Oryx platform. The platform can customize for different firms and can become operational in 15 days itself.


Long term unlisted securities restricted retail investors to enter the domain of startup investment and Oryx platform made sense for us as a financial institution  to join hands while bringing all this in regulated space” says Dr. Sindhu Bhaskar, Director of Est Growmore. He also added –“We are already into a digital era where transparency offered through blockchain is demanding banks to conduct its business in the most efficient and cost effective way.. We are already have approvals to start our banking using blockchain as backend technology and a interbank transaction coin which is gold backed is next in our agenda.”

“Digital banking has evolved and is the top category in fin-tech space however innovation in creating new investment products has been lacking. Venture Capital token is the latest to hit the market and we are going to be a market leader” says Sajid Jamal, Founder of the Oryx platform.

Ciprian Popa the co-founder Of Oryx added- “fund managers are getting long term access to fund through small investors whereby liquidity is created in the secondary market of security exchanges and Est Capital offers regulatory convenience and licenses to ensure our offering falls within the guidelines of security offering.

This merger is expected to bring in confidence to micro venture capital concept creating a new dawn for startups seeking funds.

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