As security token offerings are more and more common in the crypto world, being informed and remaining on top of it is critical. Below you can find some of the most relevant news on STOs out there.

Neufund STO ended after raising over €3.4 Million

Neufund, the self-appointed “first successful startup to offer tokenized equity to the general public”, has managed to raise in only two weeks over €3.4 million in investments. In exchange, “Neufunders” (Neufund investors) will receive FTH equity tokens that are operating on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20). Their platform gives access to innovative investment opportunities in a secure environment.

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Raise joins forces with A&K in implementing the groundwork for Africa’s first security token

Raise, the technology startup with headquarters in Kenya and the corporate law firm ALN Kenya-Anjarwalla & Khanna (A&K) are working together on Africa’s first STO framework and promised to provide contract templates, offerings and technological standards for security tokens. The association was announced last week by Raise CEO Marvin Coleby: “There is a need for efforts at self-regulation to create frameworks that educate law firms, policymakers, and entrepreneurs. Clear frameworks for digital securities can unleash innovation in the security token space and enable SME financing and liquidity for private markets on an unprecedented scale”.

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OpenFinance Network (OFN) to launch a security token exchange platform

OpenFinance Network, the first security token trading platform in the United States is under strict regulations as a result of helping companies to raise capital by exchanging security tokens. According to its creators, the platform will revolutionize blockchain trading around the world by bringing efficiency, transparency, and interoperability to the financial assets’ market.

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QuantmRE will issue real estate security tokens

The blockchain-based real estate platform QuantmRE, in association with Prime Trust and Securrency, announced their coming security token offering with tokens, called EQRE, backed by real estate property ownership shares. As regulation complaint STOs become increasingly prevalent in the US, the real estate sector of the market was amongst the first in the economy to be tokenized.

If you want to read more, head here. founder to start a new security token exchange, tZero

Blockchain visionary and Overstock CEO Patrick Bryne is, once again, advocating for the crypto market and backing his words with massive actions. After a more than successful offering and raising over $134 million back in August, Bryne intends to sell so that he may concentrate solely on the launch of tZero, the so-called “alternative trading system” (an institutional-grade security token trading platform), that is to go live in the first months of 2019.

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