Security tokens and Security token offerings (STOs) are becoming the new buzzwords in the crypto world. Therefore, now is the moment when we all need to be informed and advised on what is happening out there with companies issuing these digital assets. You can find some relevant news on STOs in the following paragraphs.

Nasdaq-listed companies’ (like Apple or Google) tokenized stocks available for trading

Estonian-based crypto company DX. Exchange announced on January 7, 2019, the launch of a trading platform that allows its users to buy/sell shares of Nasdaq-listed companies (such as Facebook, Apple, Google or Tesla) through their security tokens. In an interview for CNBC, Amedeo Moscato, DX’s CEO declared: “By tokenizing stocks of some of the biggest publicly-traded companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook and more, we are opening an untapped market of millions of old and new traders around the globe cutting out the middleman.”

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STOs market will grow ten times in 2019, according to Securitize’s CEO

Security Token Offerings are becoming the new trend in the crypto world and analysts in the industry are stating that it is the phenomenon that will reinvigorate the market. In an interview for 51percent Crypto Research Podcast, Securitize‘s CEO Carlos Domingo advocated for the market growth of security tokens and claimed they could expand as much as tenfold during the current year. “Financial markets are beginning to view security tokens as crowdfunding on steroids… on a global basis, investors can come from 40 to 50 jurisdictions and that’s something that traditional technology will find much more challenging” added Domingo.

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New protocol allows the creation of EOS-based security tokens

The open-source platform for decentralized applications (or dApps) EOS has recently introduced their new Financial Securities Protocol (FSP) that allows the issuance of security tokens to represent classical securities already on the market. As security tokens seem to be the trend in crypto, electronic trading systems developer Ed Silantyev announced the launch of the FSP, the standard that will give EOS the possibility to create more rapid, safer and more economic representations in digital form to real life assets (such as shares, stocks, dividends, voting rights etc.).

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Goren Holm Group to start a security token company

The founders of Crypto Invest Summit, the Goren Holm Group, announced the establishment of a new business based on digital securities, Security Token Summit, LLC. If the former summit was focused on organizing blockchain and crypto events, the new startup is to be a high-end digital securities event that will address themes like regulations compliance, tokenization, real estate and so on. The new company is founded by STOs advocates Alon Goren and Josef Holm, two industry pioneers that believe that integrating securities on the blockchain will bring great benefits to issuers and investors alike.

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Security token ecosystem created by LeadBest and Polymath

Taiwan-based blockchain firm LeadBest and the digital securities-based company from Toronto Polymath has recently announced their partnership that aims to create what they called a “token economy ecosystem”. The measure intends to provide worldwide standards on the issuance and (utilization) of security tokens across the market.

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