As the crypto market and the investors alike are progressing more and more towards security tokens and Security Token Offerings (STOs), here are some of the most interesting news on this topic.

New Regulations will Favor European-Based STOs

While 2018 experienced successful security token offerings in numerous countries throughout Europe, Matus Steis says 2019 will see new legislation to support the growing security token industry.

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A New Platform for STOs from BANKEX Token Exchange

BANKEX, the premier provider of tokenization and securitization services for asset owners and financial institutions, has appointed Davidson & Co to perform a review of its financial statements in preparation for BANKEX‘ securities private placement.

A FinTech pioneer, BANKEX operates the Proof-of-Asset Protocol to bring Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) and blockchain together and facilitate the digitization, tokenization & exchange of traditional assets, ushering in a new era for finance and banking: Securitization 2.0.

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Spuul, “the Indian Netflix” is Ready to be Tokenized

An immensely successful video-on-demand (VOD), over-the-top (OTT) and Live TV platform which is capturing markets not prioritized by current global leaders like Netflix and Amazon Prime, Spuul [ …] is planning to expand its platform by leveraging the blockchain technology and developing a film and TV ecosystem, called SPOKKZ, which empowers consumers and end-users to directly influence content creation and production.

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Ravencoin – The New Ethereum for STOs?

Ravencoin, similar to Bitcoin, wants to make direct payments possible. As the open source project on the homepage emphasizes, it is completely decentralized, neither master nodes nor especially no ICO is behind the project.

The user-friendly capabilities of Ravencoin seem to suggest— as described by Tron— that Ravencoin has the potential to emerge as such a frontrunner, and could perhaps even become the Ethereum of security tokens.

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Fineqia & Nivaura – Issuers of Tokenized Bonds in U.K.

UK-based equity and debt securities platform Fineqia has announced they are partnering with Nivaura to issue tokenized bonds. The tokenization of these bonds will be tested on the public Ethereum blockchain.

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