Why invest In CLX Token Instead of other ICOs? What Are Your Benefits If You Invest In CLX Token?

CLX Token is an ERC20 standard token from the Ethereum Blockchain. This multipurpose token that can be used as a medium of exchange as well as for paying transaction fees, trading fee, withdrawal fee, listing fees. Unlike other tokens CLX tokens facilitate fast and volume transactions backed by a powerful Matching Engine. This matching engine not only ensures prompt transaction approvals as well as checks complete security from DDoS attacks.

The Coinolix Exchange

A modern cryptocurrency exchange that supports trading of all popular cryptocurrencies as well as supports the listing of new ones. Some key features are:

  • Support for Exchange services like Spot market trading, Margin trading, Futures market trades etc.
  • An easy to use and understand user interface. The platform is compatible across all devices OS or Windows or Android. Besides API’s support for non-compatible ones.
  • A dedicated 24/7 support for an instant resolution to queries and requests.

What makes Coinolix different from other Exchanges?

While the erstwhile crypto exchanges have suffered from congestion issues and frequent downtimes, the Coinolix Exchange has been a pioneer in this regard. The exchange can handle up to 1,200,000 trade requests per second. This is possible mainly because of the highly efficient and powerful Coinolix Trading engine. Tradable assets on the exchange include BTC, ETH, XRP, CLX, USDC (USD pegged Coinolix coin), DASH, LTC among others.

  • Coinolix lists coins on the basis of solid validity, client base, and liquidity. Any future listings will also have to stand true to these parameters.
  • Initially, the User Interface will be in English and Russian. Later on, it will be extended to Chinese, Korean and Japanese too.
  • On the security front, the exchange will promise periodic exchange audits as well as securing user data on daily encrypted backups. Two-factor authentication creates a shield against online trickery.

The Benefits of investment

High Probability of Growth: The exchange is pegged to witness volume trades. The CLX Token is already the lowest and will definitely go up as soon as it the exchange starts operations.

Low-cost Transactions: Transaction fees will be minimal on the platform. Hence one can easily buy and sale cryptocurrencies on the platform with greater profit margins.

Great discounts for Early Birds: During the pre-ICO sale the CLX Token would be available on a special discounted price of $0.200 per token. Other offers include 20% Bonus.

Invest in the Future

Last but not the least, Blockchain Projects provide investors with the opportunity to be participants in the framing of a better future unchained from centralized monopoly. The Coinolix Exchange Project is a one step closer to that possibility. All transactions on the Platform will be anonymous by nature. Users will have a public-private key to access their accounts as well as validate transactions. Also, the transaction fee is not limited by location or geography. With minimal fees, one can make trades sitting in any corner of the globe.

The Pre-ICO for CLX Token begins on 8 Oct 2018. For more details please visit https://coinolix.com/ or read whitepaper https://coinolix.com/document/coinolix-whitepaper.pdf

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