In the current age and time, most people should be well aware there is a cost to be paid (either by us or the next generations) regarding the manner in which we use (or misuse) energy resources. Our dependence on non-renewable energy resources (like for example oil or coal) is deeply harming our planet. And we only have the one.

Another well discussed topic nowadays is the new type of currency, the virtual or cryptocurrency. With the traditional currency (paper money, or “fiat”), it is the government that decides when and how much money to print and distribute. With Bitcoin (the first cryptocurrency to be created and currently the market leader), miners use specialized hardware and software in order to solve mathematics and logical problems and are awarded a certain amount of Bitcoins (BTC) in exchange. A smart way to issue the currency and motivate people to mine, Bitcoin mining (or any type of blockchain mining) is nonetheless a very energy-intensive process.

VenusEnergy comes with a unique solution for both problems: they consider the use of renewable energy resources in performing the computing works in a blockchain network a step forward in achieving a cleaner, greener world. The simple fact of using electrical energy produced with renewable energy resources for mining cryptocurrencies can significantly reduce expenses on electricity (and thus increasing the profitability of the entire process). At the same time, this helps saving nature by decreasing the greenhouse effect. Also, another advantage to green energy is the energy independence that comes with it, because most green energy sources do not need to be transported, thus reducing the dependence on external suppliers.


VenusEnergy ICO – Why invest in VENUS token?

VenusEnergy’s Initial Coin Offering (ICO) was initiated with the main purpose of funding the launch of the project and the platform, and afterwards in order to collect funds to be used in research of new and innovative means/methods of increasing the efficiency of renewable energy plants. The collected funds will also be used to generate renewable energy by installing power plants that use wind and solar energy as main resource. The energy thus created will be provided to the people engaged in blockchain network computations (or mining). This includes also the production of energy sharing and mining platforms.

The platform will be using the VenusEnergy token. So, why invest in VenusEnergy ICO? By becoming VENUS token holder, individuals will gain the following benefits:

  • the possibility to use energy produced from renewable energy sources and mining platform capacities;
  • the possibility to buy mining power in VenusEnergy platform at a better price than using other currencies. The discount for VENUS token holders is between 20% and 30%;
  • the mining power will allow the token holders to mine cryptocurrency in a cheap and energy efficient way, thus increasing its profitability;
  • the VENUS currency will be included into the Kuna Cryptocurrencies Exchange and the virtual VENUS currency holders will be able to earn from fall and increase in currency exchange rate, applying day trading methods;
  • the platform users will be able to share their mining power with other users who have the VenusEnergy token thus promoting mining of Bitcoin in a more efficient manner;
  • be part of a community that is composed of individuals sharing the same interests;
  • transactions and/or storage of the VENUS tokens will be made through MyEtherWallet, insuring the security and ease of the process;
  • last but not least, the platform is involved in promoting the use of renewable energy in blockchain mining, it will provide an opportunity to investors to be part of a cleaner world.

Taking into account the current state of the market, the funds to be collected are expected to be raised over a period of 6 months. After the VenusEnergy currency hits the currency exchange, its sale will then be used to collect the funds needed to run the project. The launch of the project is foreseen for the beginning of October 2019.


Innovative technology for a greener world

Back in 2009, the launch of the world’s first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, revolutionized the financial market. It also set in motion the concept of cryptocurrency mining, a process that requires a high level of both energy and computing capacities. The consumption of electric energy is continuously increasing (with scientists predicting a 15% rise in energy consumption over the next 10 years), while the means we use to generate it is causing pollution, creates health problems and slowly destroys our planet.

The Lithuanian team of developers, with Arnoldas Belozaravičius as CEO, come with the solution: the platform that provides the possibility for exchanging the non-renewable resources with more environmental-friendly energy sources, thus saving the planet and increasing the profitability of cryptocurrency mining.

To learn more about blockchain technology, cryptocurrency mining, renewable energy resources and the link between them all, visit VenusEnergy’s website:

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